One of my favorite myths is The Old Woman Who Weaves The World Into Being.

In some versions of the story, a raven unravels part of the tapestry while the old woman is tending to a cauldron at the back of the cave.

Infusing this myth with wisdom from where I am rooted, the Pacific Northwest, ravens are seen as cooperative in how they hunt with wolves. They are the bringers of light by welcoming the sun. Ravens symbolize humor, cleverness, intelligence, as well as, the trickster energies. What if the raven’s unraveling is a way for us to find more resonance. A way for the old woman of the world to us/the threads back into the tapestry of life in closer connection, to find communities, deepen our connections and learn to listen for a different kind of intelligence…

My Substack offering is a little different, she will focus on sensory (visual and audio) storytelling rather than the written word. The images and sounds found here are my way of sharing my sensory experiences as works of art, of how I listen with all of my senses and my apprenticeship to the mysteries and unseen. I hope that you join me on this journey of being in conversation with the land and all of her creatures….

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in relationship with the land…sharing through narrative photography, point of view videos and meditative nature sounds audio…


Erin Elizabeth Labadie

following the threads of resonance...